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Our History

By staging these community fundraisers and various community events, SHINE Foundation for Artistic Expression has raised funds and awareness for these hard working dedicated organizations.

Canadian Mental Health Association - St Paul's Hospital Foundation 

Lions Gate Hospital  / HOPE Centre

Positive Living Society of BC - Vancouver Native  Health Society

Safe Talk BC - AIDS Vancouver Island  Health Centre

 A Loving Spoonful

AIDS Vancouver   -   Rainbow Foundation of Hope

STRUT Vancouver   -   Rainbow Refugee

Volume Studio Productions, forged by one of our Founders Dean Thullner, was  active In Vancouver, rallying communities to come together in support of HIV/AIDS, Mental Health &Addiction and Human Rights. An opportunity to give back, and say thanks, on their own terms.

Brilliant! a fundraiser for St Paul's Hospital was the inaugaral event, raising funds and awareness for HIV/AIDS. Gaining momentum, this event became synonomous with Mental Health and Addiction.

Keeping the spotlight on HIV/AIDS,  VSP created RED, A Positive Day, for Positive Living BC. With the trusted format of an all-inclusive cast of talented and diverse individuals. 

RED was an evening of theatrical entertainment and so much fun.


​After a parting of ways with St Paul's, there was an absolute need to keep the message alive and in 2016, SHINE was born. Providing a platform for the many Vancouver communities to give back and show their support for the important work these events promote.

shine runway.jpeg

Our other founder, Mariel Nichole, found herself on the stage of Brilliant in 2013 as a model. She had her own event production company, Spectrum Events, which was completely aligned with Dean's values and morals with Volume. 

Mariel approached Dean to become a mentor of hers and he graciously accepted. 

6 years of producing under Spectrum Events led Mariel to the confidence in producing that she now has, as well as built her relationships within the community as someone who puts the community itself and mental health at the utmost importance. 

Raising money for Out in Schools, Out on Screen, the Vancouver Rape Crisis Centre, Foundation of Hope and the STRUT Campaign; Spectrum's events all showcased the LGBT2Q+ and Artisitic Communities within Vancouver while giving back to the programs and organizations working to create safe spaces for mental health. 


After serious consideration about the intentional impact that both Dean and Mariel are creating in their communities, the time has come for them to join forces and unite their followers in order to continue growing.

SHINE Foundation for Artistic Expression is the platform that will take heartfelt community events across Canada in order to show case the beautiful humans within each city that hosts it; while giving back to those programs and organizations that work in the mental health field. 

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